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Klaeny cleaning stone - kitchen: ceramic stove

How to use our klaeny cleaning stone on your ceramic stove

Our cleaning stone cleans particularly effectively against everyday or stubborn dirt: Water & lime stains, soap residue, fingerprints, make-up, grease stains, toothpaste, nicotine, streaks from insects, coffee and tea stains, yellowing or flying rust.

Just super versatile to use!

Due to its vegan formula completely without chemical additives & microplastics, the cleaning stone is gentle on almost all surfaces (not suitable for painted or sensitive surfaces) and your skin.

The cleaning stone provides a long-lasting shine and leaves a fresh lemon scent. 🍋

How to use the klaeny cleaning stone on your ceramic stove:

(here we also used our klaeny dishwashing brush, klaeny sweilling sponge, klaeny kitchen cleaner & klaeny natural sponge cloth).

Easypeasy :)

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